Open Browser



Open Browser 1.2 Update

Launched 1/6

Added Comboboxs for history.

Open Browser will start making all around programs

Yes its true, Open Browser will not only be making Web Browsers but all around programs. (Ex. Email senders text to voice etc) This will start at the start of 2013 or around the start of 2013.



Open Browser 1.1 Update

Launched 11/11/12

It has been 2 months since the last update aka the beginning of Open Browser 

Check out whats new: ( on the download it has an error it says open browser 1.2 not 1.1

Open Browser 1.1: 

-Added Calendar button

-Took out Credits and Versions from File and added About

-Added About to the downloads so you can see the additions



Open Browser will be Launched  9/26/12

      Thats right it's here and ready for use September 26th. The Open Browser is still in production as of the release data, come back often to see if anything has been added.

Send us feedback. Tell us what we should add and we might get to it.

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Why donate? If you donate (only $10.00) every dollar helps us keep Open Programs going (ex. Helps website running, improve protection, and also make it so we can add more things to our programs that we are devolping in the future.  We will more than likley give you exclusives like

*You will have access to future programs before they are released!!!

*You will be noticed by us in the news sections and all around the website!!!

*We will also have a notice section in the next program (the program that you donated before it was released) with your name on it. (If you'd like)

*Who ever donates the most will get to choose (appropiate) program names for the next 2 programs!!


Q.Why do you donate instead of just charging per program?

A.We do this because if you don't like the program then you don't wast your money, we use donate because if you do like it then it's there for you!!

Q. Why did you choose to change it into an all around program business 

A. The files to the Open Browser web browser was deleted due to a change that we will never mess with again.

Q.What do you mean, noticed?

A.This means your name will be out there if you wanted it to, to show that you have donated.